"Debenhaus Homes has built two homes for us, and it's been a great experience. Howard is very knowledgeable about his trade, meticulous to detail, and does exceptionally fine workmanship. We'd have no reservations about recommending him to anyone."

Scott and Sandi Drees


When we take the time to consider how truly important our homes are, it becomes clear that the building of a home deserves much more consideration and care than it usually recieves. As a reflection of our personalities, priorities, and interests, the environment we surround ourselves with every day has the power to comfort and inspire, to nurture our souls, and evoke a sense of belonging and security.

A home with Character stands out from the crowd. It has its own identity and feel;
a quality embodied in the structure throughout. It reflects, in a sense, the home's unique personality.

Detail is more readily defined. It expresses in tangible form, a consideration for the little things; as when exterior features are mirrored inside by similar elements or patterns. Sometimes it is soft-spoken, as with appropriately placed windows or a consistent lighting theme.

Beauty is of course a more subjective quality. A home takes on beauty as it's owners embellish it with their personal tastes, but the home itself, as a huge sculpture really, has to work first. Balance, proportion, natural light, appropriate and complementary finishes and detail all contribute to an underlying, inherent beauty when handled properly.

Call it positive energy, or just a good vibe, but when a home has Soul, it feels right. This intangible quality, (one that resonates more in our hearts than our minds), encourages and affirms, and though hard to measure, the energies that influence an environment are as real and as powerful as any other.

And so it is that regardless of size, location, or style, we aim to incorporate character, detail, beauty, and soul into every home we build. As an environment we are so intimately connected to every day, our homes truly can have a significant impact on the quality of our lives. As a builder I remain passionate about that potential.

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