"Howard appreciates and understands what makes good, honest design, from the overall conceptual big picture, down to the smallest details."

Phil Pokorny A.I.A.

Custom Homes builder in midlothian, chesterfield, powhatan, amelia, richmondBuilding new today allows the opportunity to design a home that Functions in accordance with your lifestyle, Incorporates those features that matter most to you, and Reflects your unique personality.

A new home (mindfully designed) is:

  • Stronger; as construction materials and installation techniques continue to improve in performance and durability
  • Smarter; with the incorporation of the latest in energy efficient technologies and appliances, state-of-the-art wiring, fixtures, and control systems
  • Healthier; as air quality is impacted by adequate exchange rates and ventilation, and noise levels, water quality, and potential toxins are properly addressed
  • and Safer; due as much to today’s rigid construction codes and monitoring systems, as to increasingly better-designed and user-friendly products and materials


And when really done right; with a consideration for privacy and quiet ‘away spaces’ for reflection, exterior connections, color, natural light, appropriate scale and beautiful detailing, a new home can impact our emotional and spiritual well-being every single day.

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